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Soft Skin Boys.
Akanishi Jin is the prostitute who has the center of gold. Kamenashi Kazuya is the cinemactor. They fall in love. Alternate Universe, based on the movie Pretty Woman. Akame, NC-17.

Girls Like That.
Tegoshi Yuya awakes to find he is a promiscuous woman. Ryo/Tegoshi, NC-17.

Child Stars.
Kamenashi Kazuya enters a parenthood. The child is his. Non MPREG. Akame, PG.

The Promises.
Kamenashi Kazuya grows up and realises in making promises become difficulties. Akame, PG.

Jin and Kame play the games. Akame, PG.



Be Like Buchou.
Tezuka and Ryoma switch the bodies. Ryoma is high, Tezuka now is short. TezuRyo, PG.

A Team of Experts.
Momoshiro enjoys a viper but cannot express. He queries his team friends for assistance and they are all comrade. He pays for a burgers. Kaidoh the snake is gruff when he convey his affection, Momo acquires his heart. MomoKai, R.

To Declare My Love.
Ryoma for Valentine's Day treat ungrateful. TezuRyo, PG.

In Photographs.
Fuji and Ryoma go swimming. It is a comrade to Playing Grown Ups and In Girl's Rooms. FujiRyo, TezuRyo, slight Fujicest.

In Girl's Rooms.
Yuuta finds dirty pictures. He is angry. Ryoma does not smile. Fujicest, FujiRyo, G, PG.

Playing Grown Ups.
This is a very lengthy process homosexual stories. TezuRyo, soft R.

The Freudian Sense. | [汉语]
Ryoma thinks the pervert thoughts of Tezuka. He does not know. TezuRyo pre-slash, PG.



Thieving Ritsuka is publicly intoxicated. Soubi/Ritsuka, R.



A Slight Resemblance To Marlon Brando.
Brian acquires an egg of the dragon. Brian/Justin, PG.

The Tick Tick Boom.
Mid-S3. Brian and Justin break away and Brian conveys the feeling of difficulty in coping. Brian/Justin, R.

Subject To Change. | [русско]
Brian Kinney moves to New York the big apple in S1. Justin meets him at a club many years later when they are both aged. When meeting a person on first sight sometimes they are the right person but it may not be the right time. This time it is the right time. Brian/Justin, R.

A Tragedy in Three Parts.
Ted conveys feelings for Justin Taylor. Ted/Justin, Brian/Justin, R.

Like Incest.
The Justin focus on Michael. Justin/Michael, Brian/Justin, Hard R/soft NC-17.

Working Against Me.
408/409 angst is here. Brian/Jusin.

Chart Topper.
Brian Kinney drinks alcoholic and is fluff. Brian/Justin.

Nearly There.
Brian and Michael love together. Brian/Justin, Brian/Michael, R.

An Absence.
Justin has not his body at the place where the ones he loves gather. Post-S4. Brian/Justin, PG.

Private Message.
Brian and Justin uses an Instant Messenger. Brian/Justin, G.

A Presence.
Justin realise his presence is become known to Brian. Brian/Justin, Michael/Justin friendship, G.

The Documents.
Brian prepares his affairs in case. Brian/Justin, Brian/Michael friendship, PG.

Power Trip.
Justin is cocky and power. Brian/Justin.

Brian and Justin are in love and fluff. Brian/Justin, R.

Brian Kinney rings the artist Ethan and prank calls. Brian/Justin, Ethan/Justin, PG.

The Triumphant Artiste.
Justin becomes high with Brian and his friend Mikey. Ethan does not like it by the look on his face. Brian/Justin, Ethan/Justin, R.

This Is Not A Pick Up Line.
Brian's son Gus a teenage meets Justin. Brian/Justin, G.

Green Curry.
Following This Is Not A Pick Up Line. Brian/Justin.

Discovery Channel.
Michael views Brian and Justin through his eyes. Brian/Justin, PG.

A Diversion.
Brian pretends not to care but he does. Brian/Justin.

Long Distance.
Future-fic, Brian and Justin will be in a love forever, a love that passes through time. Even when they are not together. Brian/Justin, PG.

Like That.
Following the deadly prom. Brian/Justin, G.


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