O N   A K A M E

No one really knows how or why, or even if they really have, it seems that they have some sort of detached. Around 2005, and has kind of embarrassing, because those distant. Their enchanting companies on the same day, 12 is based on the KAME, 14 years old in the JIN, in 1998. They always mix together with photographs, they hung out together in their time off.

They were tied together by the so-called red thread. With fate we began in the story of JIN and KAME, and with fate we will end it. Though can such a story and indeed a friendship of epic proportion just come to a halt? In 2001, they were put into a band together with four other players, they do not know very well, the so-called Yoshimura. Therefore, they together, or even more ... Some like to think that in general, They were + and -, but as they say in the saying (for we have a words for everything in life, and the most special have extra), they always say : these guys are his bffs, because, like them, forever. The matching their fingers, because the rings into the favorite based on the KAME like, give me, For KAME not to have bought another. KAME does or wouold d anything for his JinJin and it is from here that the relationship and the bond between them really evolve. The companies really push two of them, as main striker, They were a big selling point. Ah what a world we live in to have such a two-boy bond reduce to something so commercial.

In 2005 they starred together. Gokusen 2 was the name and in this series very fresh division 2 Road is popular but sometimes late, like their relations are strained. I really can not give you evidence, which sounds small, But there is one very obvious difference in the way they interact, for a long time. they just wonder formal one important issue. They also stopped to take photographs of photographs with so much, fanservice between the two, they no longer appear in the program so much. these are management decisions may be made by the company, but no one really knows why. sometimes fancam recording, the concert will be two way, their relationship is completely relaxed normal, but then officially discs looks like it will never do that, or even acknowledge each other ... then, who knows what the hell the case, really. not much, either about, but some of its advantages Fan theory is : 1) They have been warned management is getting a little too close / Agent too many homosexual; it is more like this. Johnny in the forefront of entertainment about how far is too far when fanservice. ALTs that some fans the entire line is a little bit overly rely so management decided to split up, at least publicly. it is hard to say, If this theory is completely crazy, or completely credible. I really do not think based on the KAME into secret boyfriend backstage. But sometimes I think the whole Akame fighting, yes production companies memorable dramatic narrative. 2) into a disposable his girlfriend on KAME, they fell in love. Jin did not forgive him. I feel that if this is really much more about people; it is difficult to envisage, Based on KAME go into the same type of girl. if they were not allowed, under the new rules jimusho. quite a lasting rumors on KAME caught up with a competition that ~ ~ a couple years. She would like to, 40. he just turned 21. Although she beautiful. But no Jin. 3) Based on KAME tension is a workaholic, Progressive is one of the lazy shriveled. Based on KAME is super super ambitious. in 2005 he starred in the drama into best friends yamaPi. Children's plays are very successful, the theme song; KAME and yamaPi Sang together, According to the published as a single. At this point, Yoshimura has not yet been officially unveiled, as a band and introduced a CD-ROM For KAME CD-release with another group as a bit betrayed In fact, Although he will not have any choice. many people wanted to enter a jealous believed to be based on KAME become so successful. Song, seishun amigo, as sold one million copies in four weeks. Yoshimura debut as six months after but the success of the Sea, at least in part because of the visibility on KAME, from the cooler to work together, therefore, Even if the whole band tension, it seems clear, very quickly, so I do not know why ... other birds, efforts to involve related theory based on the KAME into hating the friendship and because of portfolio securities, and has never been based on the KAME especially like the other side is forced to work, to play together. 4), they were just crazy busy alienated. This is more or less what I think; Based on KAME especially like working 20 hours 360 days a year, therefore, it's not the same, he had a lot of time into, it is a very difficult, the types. Progressive kept passive aggressive comments on how the interviews were busy hanging out KAME things.

I do not think they really there is a 'struggle'. Based on KAME naked stressed that, in any case continue. Based on KAME said, for some time, in last year's "a lot of things" that he and payment, but they still when there is an emergency, to talk about things, T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T with each other. things seem more or less fine , now at the end of just less than 15 t_t hurts too. So angsty. enter la for six months, "Learning English," and so on KAME looks crazy, and that shocked literally minutes into the deletion announced : | When Jin was admitted based on the KAME back at the press conference that It's like he was a great work of the sting stabbed him for six months, Now, he can receive relief t_t He seemed very happy. When Jin was admitted to missing all these tabloid reports, he is really just a gathering where he said that he never intended to come back. and based on KAME shouted him, and shouted : "Hey, you know that they say you? ? ? "Golden would think," hey : (sry identification : ( "