p r i v a t e   m e s s a g e

jtrage: hey, asshole.
bkinney: I can’t believe I downloaded this fucking thing.
jtrage: it's because you miss me.
bkinney: What the fuck is that???
jtrage: huh?
jtrage: you mean the emoticon?
bkinney: Emoticon.
jtrage: that’s what they’re called. that’s what everyone calls them. i guess they’re a little after your time.
bkinney: That one looks like it’s blissed out on E.
jtrage: it’s me, politely mocking you.
bkinney: Fuck you, you have an unfair advantage.
jtrage: click the little man in sunglasses.
bkinney: That’s you.
jtrage: i don’t get why you’re so hostile to this concept. you’ve used chatrooms before.
bkinney: People hardly make smiley faces in the kinds of chat I partake in. You just send around photos of your cock and wait for some hot guy to offer to suck it.
jtrage: you poor thing. you have to use the internet to get laid.
bkinney: You’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met.
jtrage: you wound me.
jtrage: your proclamations of hate, they are full of credibility.
jtrage: it is clear that you despise me.
jtrage: my life, it is over.
bkinney: Fuck you.
jtrage: i’m supposed to be working.
bkinney: Great fucking employee you are. Why are you there so late?
jtrage: i’m not, i’m at home. i brought some stuff with me.
bkinney: All work and no play, Sunshine.
jtrage: i think i play too much. it’s actually getting kind of boring.
bkinney: Yeah?
jtrage: yeah. we go to all these different clubs that look exactly the same, and we do the same drugs, and talk to the same people, who all look the same.
jtrage: it’s very discomforting.
jtrage: and no-one sees how funny it is.
bkinney: Poor Little Justin Taylor.
jtrage: i guess i’m homesick.
jtrage: thankyou for your sensitivity.
bkinney: I just wanted to see what would happen.
bkinney: You’re boring when you indulge in this self pity shit.
jtrage: i’m just saying i think it’d be more fun if you were here.
jtrage: just say, ‘you too’, brian.
bkinney: You’re not taking drugs from people you don’t know, are you?
jtrage: no, mom.
bkinney: One might worry if you did.
jtrage: one might, might one?
bkinney: Yes.
jtrage: i’ve been using condoms, too, and wearing my seatbelt. though i can’t promise not to talk to strangers, since that’s all there is here.
bkinney: That’s because you’re incapable of making friends.
jtrage: leave me alone, people are annoying.
bkinney: Yeah.
jtrage: i miss you.
jtrage: if you buzz me again, i swear to god i will kill you.
bkinney: It’s pretty boring here. Without you.
jtrage: so you miss me too.
bkinney: A little. Maybe.
jtrage: this sucks.
bkinney: Yeah.
jtrage: any chance you can make it out here soon?
bkinney: Maybe.
jtrage: please?
bkinney: How desperate are you?
jtrage: i’m so lonely i’m thinking about getting a cat.
bkinney: I’ll get Cynthia to work something out.
bkinney: You are not bringing a cat into the loft.
bkinney: You’re allergic to cats! You'll start wheezing and coughing all over the place, and then you'll be no use to me.
jtrage: brian, calm the fuck down, i’m not getting a cat.
jtrage: i was messing around.
jtrage: oh, fuck. i have to go. brett is here.
jtrage: he’s so annoying, i swear to god.
jtrage: he thinks we’re like, friends and stuff.
jtrage: shut up, i have to go.
jtrage has signed out
bkinney: ...

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